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Dedicated Internet Access

An exclusive, secured fixed-bandwidth internet connection between your business and the web

IoT Solutions

Connect machines, tools, and sensors to equip people with instant, remote working capabilities to address business challenges in real time

Digi Smart UC

A robust and dynamic cloud-based multimedia communications tool that empowers customer relationship building and efficient collaborations

Leased Line

A private data connection that links one location to another to transfer data and communicate securely between locations that are geographically far apart

BYOC-SIP Trunking

A modern, digitalized Voice Trunking for telephony service that is used for sending and receiving calls


Smooth and secure information transmission with real-time deployment between your offices and sites across the globe


A software-driven technology that functions as the central ‘brain’ to manage your entire Wide Area Network (WAN)


A GPS tracking and fleet management system that saves costs and improve productivity for your busines


An all-in-one virtual business phone system with a fixed-line prefix in your smartphone


A cloud-based POS system to track your employee performance and sales

Cisco Umbrella

A cloud-delivered enterprise network security that protects your business connections from spy malwares, ransomwares, and phishing


The HR super app - a digital workforce management system aimed to increase efficiency and boost employee engagement in companies


A social commerce solution that assists businesses to sell using webstore or through Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp


An all-in-one payment terminal for retailers and merchants to optimise daily operations

We are MEF 3.0 certified to empower your business transformation with global standard quality

Digi Business is a certified member of MEF, a global federation of network, cloud, and technology providers driving enterprise digital transformation. This certification proves that our digital solutions have met the industry’s standardised global criteria for network services, technology advancement, and engineering expertise. We are ready to serve your business and take your transformation to the next level.

Connectivity and digital services
of global standards

Serving your business with quality solutions - high performance, agility and assurance promised

Skilled and qualified in providing 360° digital services with a certified engineering team

We’ll help manage your business transformation end-to-end

Fully managed connectivity

With both wired and wireless access types

Comprehensive support

With a dedicated service management team and 24/7 service

Privacy & security-first approach

With the right technology and processes to achieve secure networks and scalable operations

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