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Empower your business with AVANA

AVANA assists business owners to sell using a webstore, or through Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. AVANA has helped over 100,000 companies to optimise their products and automate their business. With the use of the latest technology innovations and systems integrated with social media, these businesses have evolved digitally.

Why Digi AVANA - Manage Sales Activities Seamlessly

Manage sales activities seamlessly

In one dashboard, you’ll be able to track order statuses, upload and update product offers, customise shipping settings, and manage customer messages.

Why Digi AVANA - Connect and Engage with Your Customers

Connect and engage with your customers

Attract new customers and strengthen connections with them on social media to keep them coming back for more.

Why Digi AVANA - Elevate Your Brand Image

Elevate your brand image

Customise your webstore and build a strong online presence for your brand with a list of elegant themes that are available.

Why Digi AVANA - Sell on Multiple Online Platforms

Sell on multiple online platforms

From webstore to Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp - attain sales through all these available social platforms and enhance your online presence.

The All-in-One Solution for your business

Features of Digi AVANA - Centralised Dashboard

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Centralised Dashboard
Keep up with all your order statuses, messages from various messaging channels (like Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp etc), and sales performances using a single dashboard in real-time.
Features of Digi AVANA - Integrated Logistics Options

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Integrated Logistics Options
Deliver your products to customers everywhere as AVANA collaborates with and offers various logistic services and preferential rates for all your fulfilments needs.
Features of Digi AVANA - Automated Reply to Messages & Comments

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Automated Reply to Messages & Comments
Set automated replies to comments on Facebook posts or Facebook livestream and never miss a customer.
Features of Digi AVANA - Payment Gateway Integration

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Payment Gateway Integration
Make transactions on your webstore seamlessly by providing your customers various payment gateway options.

How it works

iFleet serves all industries and empowers businesses - big or small

What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Logistics


What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Emergency Services

Emergency Services

What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Construction


What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Retail


What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Cargo


What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Government Agencies

Government Agencies

What Industries that Digi iFleet Serve - Services Industry

Services Industry

What Customers Say About AVANA

Testimonials of Digi Avana - Chong Kien Aun - Owner, Hong La Jiao Steamboat Restaurant

“Making the business digital was the best thing I could have done, especially during these trying times. I would encourage all SMEs to consider digitalising – charting your company’s growth is so much easier.”

Chong Kien Aun

Owner, Hong La Jiao Steamboat Restaurant

Testimonials of Digi Avana - Razalee Yahya - Founder, Evomania

"When I first started building my business, AVANA’s coaches and support team provided me with all the training, knowledge, and guidance I needed to start selling and scale my business online. Thank you, AVANA!"

Razalee Yahya

Founder, Evomania

Testimonials of Digi Avana - Rose Nizeana Director, Auntie Tim

"Maintaining a business is not easy especially during these unprecedented times but with AVANA's built-in marketing tools, my business has generated 50% of the sales from the online platform."

Rose Nizeana

Director, Auntie Tim

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