A cloud-based POS system to track your employee performance and sales

Empower your business with KryptoPOS

Manage your business from the cloud, track your employee performance and your sales from single or multiple outlets through our cloud-based POS system.

Why Choose Digi KryptoPOS - Mobile Friendly

Mobile friendly

KryptoPOS hub is mobile responsive and accessible on any device browser including smartphones, iPads, Android, surface tabs, laptops and desktops.

Why Choose Digi KryptoPOS - Staff Management

Staff management

3 levels of staff access enabled: Supervisor, Cashier & Staff. Staff level restricts access to the POS and is available only for employee attendance and sales tracking.

Why Choose Digi KryptoPOS - Downloadable Reports

Downloadable reports

A wide range of reports available to be viewed on your web browser and can be exported into either .csv or .pdf file formats.

Why Choose Digi KryptoPOS - Cloud Secured

Cloud secured

No unnecessary server setup costs as KryptoPOS securely transmits and stores all your data to the cloud, powered by AWS infrastructure.

Why is KryptoPOS essential for your business?

Features of Digi KryptoPOS - Track Your Sales Anytime

Extra Internet

Sales tracking
Track your sales anytime, anywhere with the KryptoPOS hub, the responsive web-based back office accessible via any web browser.
Features of Digi KryptoPOS - Manage Sales and Products Across Various Outlets.

Extra Internet

Account management
Set up multiple outlets and link to the master account to easily track, manage sales and products across various outlets.
Features of Digi KryptoPOS - Seamlessly Integrate with Various Cashless and E-wallet Solutions

Extra Internet

Multiple payment options
Seamlessly integrate with various cashless and e-wallet solutions that offer customers multiple payment options.
Features of Digi KryptoPOS - Connect your Bluetooth-enabled Card Processing Devices

Extra Internet

Connect your Bluetooth-enabled card processing devices such as Maybank or Managepay mPOS directly to KryptoPOS.

Enjoy zero subscription fee for KryptoPOS cloud storage with Go Digi WiFi

Enjoy zero subscription fee for KryptoPOS cloud storage with Go Digi WiFi

Get Go Digi WiFi to enjoy zero subscription fee for KryptoPOS cloud storage. Bigger deals, better savings, only with Digi Business!

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