Digi Business Fibre

Fast-track your Business Growth with the Power of Fibre

Supercharge your Business with Unlimited, Ultra-Fast Internet

Grow your business and manage it anytime, anywhere with Digi Business Fibre and Postpaid plans

Digi Business Fibre - Ultra-Fast Fibre

Ultra-Fast Fibre

Manage your business with fibre speeds of up to 800Mbps.
Digi Business Fibre - Unlimited Internet & Savings

Unlimited Internet & Savings

Fast track your business and save up to RM7,920
Digi Business Fibre - FREE Cloud Service

FREE Cloud Service

Scale-up your business with cloud services and reliable network

Digi Business Fibre Plans

Total connectivity for your business. Work anytime, anywhere with unbeatable rates, devices and data.

Digi Business Fibre Plans

Unlimited Internet
Ideal For
Go Digi Lines
Unlimited data for your mobile Postpaid
1 x Unlimited VoIP line
Digi Cloud PABX
Fibre 130
100 Mbps
Micro businesses with basic
connectivity needs
5 lines
Fibre 188
300 Mbps
Small businesses with video
conferencing and streaming needs
10 lines
Fibre 248
500 Mbps
Medium businesses with multiple users and video conferencing needs
10 lines
Fibre 318
800 Mbps
Bigger businesses with large data usage and high-speed file transfer needs
15 lines
  • Digi Business Penjana - Get Free Smartphones and Unlimited Internet
  • Digi Business - Cloud PABX

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