Private Leased Line (PLL)

Transfer data and communicate securely between locations

Private Leased Line (PLL) is a private data connection that links one location to another. Organisations such as Finance, Ports & Logistics, and Retail rely on leased lines to transfer data and communicate securely between locations that are geographically far apart.

How does PLL work?

How Does Private Leased Line (PLL) Work - Digi Business Solutions

Why is Private Leased Line (PLL) essential for your business?

Features of Private Leased Line (PLL) - Reliable Bandwidth/Speed

Extra Internet

Reliable bandwidth and speed to upload and download data at a consistent speed
All your data-intensive tasks such as the transfer of large files and VoIP calls can now be done more easily and efficiently than ever.
Features of Private Leased Line (PLL) - Flexible Connection

Extra Internet

Flexible connection for your business
PLL supports various types of traffic such as data, voice, VPN access, and the sharing of company system resources. Better yet, organisations can scale the bandwidth up or down depending on their needs.
Features of Private Leased Line (PLL) - Around-the-Clock Support

Extra Internet

Around-the-clock support to assist your needs
Need assistance? Just get on the phone and connect to our 24/7 business phone support put you in direct contact with helpful, experienced personnel. We’re committed to resolving it as quickly as possible.

How can PLL help streamline and grow your business

Benefits of Private Leased Line (PLL) - Smoother Network Operations

Smoother network operations for better user experience

Unstable networks lead to traffic blips, higher latency and breakdowns. PLL is designed to increase network performance for bandwidth-intensive applications like video conferencing, data replication, and file transfers.

Digi Private Leased Line (PLL) Service - Purpose-built Solutions

Reliable connection and assistance

Interrupted network connections can affect both operations and businesses revenue. IT networks should have zero to minimal downtimes, be it at a retailer’s Point of Sale System (POS) or a manufacturer accessing its cloud ERP system. The network connection should come with a guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Benefits of Private Leased Line (PLL) - Reinforced Security

Reinforced security

Cybersecurity is a key factor for a business’s risk management framework to prevent information breaches. PLL is a secured private connection that protects businesses from security breaches while retaining data traffic in a private environment.

Is PLL the right choice for your business?

Does your business require reliable and high-speed data transfer?
For instance, if your business is a financial institution, it would need high-speed intelligence and trading capabilities to keep up with the market. Alternatively, if yours is a digital business with an e-commerce app infrastructure, you would need to be able to interact with customers quickly, and that’s where PLL would complement your operations.

Does your business requires a secure network for data transfer?
Your business will be the only one with access to your line, making the transmission of sensitive data and confidential phone calls more secure. This is due to your business’s sole control on the data connection that links two different points. Also, your information is not shared on a public network, and all confidential information is always be stored securely, making it ideal for businesses.

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