Digi Smart UC

A robust and dynamic cloud-based multimedia communications tool

Digi Smart Unified Communications (Smart UC) is a superior digital platform that empowers customer relationship building and efficient collaborations from instant messaging (IM), VoIP call, video call, virtual conferencing to desktop sharing and more. Businesses can get real-time data analytics to make smarter decisions whilst working remotely. Digi Smart Unified Communications is ISO 27001 certified‚ÄĒthe leading international standard for information security management involving people, processes and IT systems.

How does Digi Smart UC work?

How Does Digi Smart UC Work - Digi Business Solutions

A Smarter Solution for a Dynamic Workforce‚Äč

Watch our Smart UC video now and find out how this all-encompassing multimedia communications solution can help in advancing your organisation‚Äôs efficiency and collaboration to the next level. ‚Äč

Why is Digi Smart UC essential for your business?

Features of Digi Smart UC - Versatility

Extra Internet

Supports numerous extensions like normal desk phones, smartphone apps, softphones, WebClient and many more.
Features of Digi Smart UC - Stay Connected with customers

Extra Internet

Stay connected
Direct business calls to various numbers and never miss out on any customer calls.
Features of Digi Smart UC - Mobility

Extra Internet

Receive business calls and work from anywhere you like.
Features of Digi Smart UC - Cost Saving

Extra Internet

Cut cost by saving on the purchase and maintenance of expensive IP PABX and desk phones. You can also get free calls to all landlines and mobile numbers within your company.

How can Digi Smart UC help streamline and grow your business

Benefits of Digi Smart UC - Scalability


Scale up your communication efficiency as your business grows.

Benefits of Digi Smart UC - Lowest Domestic Call Rates

Lowest Domestic Call Rates

Get the best value for your business with low domestic call rates.

Benefits of Digi Smart UC - No Upfront Cost

No Upfront Cost

All it takes is a single subscription plan to activate. No upfront cost for hardware or licensing, and no hidden fees either.

Benefits of Digi Smart UC - Accurate & Real-Time Analytical Reports

Accurate, Real-Time Analytical Reports

Make data-driven decisions to optimise your business strategies.

Is Digi Smart UC the right choice for your business?

Are you are on the move often, and is constant communication essential to your business?
You can communicate with both your teams and clients from wherever you are and manage day-to-day issues/operations remotely. Waiting for an important call but have to be out of the office? You can take the call on your phone while on the go!

Does your business require multiple channels of communication to function?
Various communication methods such as voice calls, video conferencing, and text messaging services are made available to you and your staff via one handy package. So no matter where you go, business communication will speed up, and in turn, the workflow will be greatly improved.

Are you looking for an easy-to-maintain solution or scale up the maintenance?
We handle all maintenance so you and your managers may focus on other day-to-day operations and work towards improving operational efficiencies.

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